Anti-fouling screens are essential equipment to prevent pollution caused by seabed sediment rising during large-scale replacement of seabed sediment during reclamation, port construction and other projects. The main means to prevent and control sediment pollution is to prevent the spread of sediment over a large area. During the dredging and reclamation operations of the port construction, due to the spread of turbid mudflow, it caused harm to the ecological environment and aquaculture. Anti-pollution screens (anti-turbidity curtains) can isolate local construction waters from non-operation waters to prevent the spread of pollution. Can effectively protect the ecological environment. At the same time, it can also be used at city tap water intake points to protect drinking water sources.



Flat solid float type PVC oil boom is used for water surface pollution prevention and control. The feature is that there is a solid flexible float on the upper part of the oil boom body, and quick connection ends are fixed on both ends of the oil boom body. The height of the quick connect end is the same as the height of the boom body. The end of the quick-connect terminal has a connecting hook, and the end of the quick-connect terminal also has a baffle parallel to the connecting hook. When the two quick-connect ends are embedded in each other, the baffle parallel to the connecting hook can prevent the connecting hook from moving laterally. The effect is: the connection between the two oil boom sections is faster and stronger, saving time in connecting the two oil boom sections. In addition, the flexible solid floating oil boom can be stored with a boom roller, which reduces the storage space of the oil boom. At the same time, there is no need to inflate when deploying, so the oil boom can be deployed quickly. This oil boom is particularly suitable for emergency and rapid deployment.
2.Use of oil boom
Surround the oil spill on the water surface to prevent the spread of the oil spill and buy time for oil spill recovery.
Intercept oil spills on the water surface, prevent the oil spills from entering a certain water area, reduce the pollution area, reduce pollution losses, transfer the oil spills on the water surface, and concentrate the oil spills in a suitable place for recovery.
Block oil tankers loading and unloading oil products in the port or old ships dismantled on the shore to prevent oil from polluting the port or coast in the event of an oil spill.
Used in conjunction with the oil recovery device, it collects spilled oil and increases the thickness of the oil film to facilitate oil spill recovery.



The solid float-type PVC oil boom is an economical and general-purpose oil boom. It is especially suitable for intercepting and controlling oil spills and other floating objects in near-shore calm waters. It can be fixedly deployed for a long time and has been widely used in inland pollutant discharge. Waters such as inlets, rivers, harbors, lakes and offshore oil rigs.




      1. Brightly colored, beautiful, oil-resistant, sun-resistant, large buoyancy reserve, and strong oil retention performance.



          1. Mainly use PVC double-sided high-strength waterproof cloth. There are pull ropes, reinforcing belts and tension weight chains on the upper, middle and lower sides of the fence as longitudinal stress-bearing components. The fence has high tensile resistance. The appearance is smooth and clean, which is conducive to oil conduction and easy to clean.



              1. Excellent performance-price ratio.



                  1. There are different shapes of floating bodies to choose from: the drop-shaped (tumbler-shaped) is more stable in rapids; the cylindrical shape has a larger buoyancy reserve and better wave riding ability; the block-shaped floating body has a small storage volume and can be deployed more efficiently when used with the winding machine. Quick and effortless.



                      1. One section every 20 meters, easy and fast connection between sections



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