Corrosives/Acids Plastic Safety Cabinet

GALFDan Poly Cabinets allow you to store aggressive substances in laboratories, schools, institutes, and universities. Small Poly Cabinets can be used for the storage of oils, acids, and alkalis and have high chemical resistance because they are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

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Size(W x D x H)

362mm W x 502mm H x 435mm D


Royal Blue

Door Closing type





* For the safe storage of water-polluting and aggressive liquids
* Manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyethylene
* Hinged doors with safety lock
* The transparent pocket in the door can be used for storing Safety Data Sheets, protective
gloves, or goggles
* Sealed sump in the bottom of the cabinet
* Sumps are 100% tested and leak-free guaranteed
* Compliant Sump volumes meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA, UFC, and other regulations

Safely store up to two 4-liter bottles of acids or bases in this durable, compact cabinet. Never worry about corrosion—completely metal free polyethylene design offers excellent chemical resistance against spills or damaging vapors. Includes two polyethylene spill trays, use one for inside the cabinet to contain leaks and remove for easy cleaning. Store the extra tray under the cabinet, and remove for use as a handy work top. Hinge door from either side for best worktop utilization—accepts a padlock (not included) for security. Three application-specific labels identify contents to safety store and segregate incompatible chemicals—ACID, BASE, and CORROSIVE.

Research environments using many different types of chemicals have special storage requirements. Whether using acids, bases or solvents, it is critical that incompatible liquids are segregated to avoid disastrous explosions or fire. The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) should be reviewed to determine chemical characteristics and recommended storage practices.

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