Outdoor Chemical Storage Locker Pesticides stores

Store delivered to site fully assembled.
Heavy Duty, welded tubular steel framework construction.
Insulated composite panels on walls, roof and doors.
Forklift pockets and roof lifting eyes.

Additional information


3000 Litre

Size(W x D x H)

2500*2400*6000mm WDH

Door Closing type

Manual/ Self-closing




The safe way for collection in hazardous material storage building is with protected drum cabinets.
These prefabricated, modular storage units are equipped with the structural integrity, fire rating (2-hour fire rated, 4-hour fire rated) and climate control to safely store your hazardous waste and flammable chemicals. Hazardous material storage & handling features such as loading ramps, shelving and drum cranes are available. Our prefab chemical storage buildings are code compliant (NFPA 30, FM Approved, IBC, State Codes) for storing sealed drums or mixing and dispensing.

Pesticide storage cabinets from Safety Storage Systems are the ideal solution for effective storage of pesticides and hazardous agri-chemicals. These chemical storage units are designed to ensure ultimate safety with anti-vandal construction and excellent ventilation. Each pesticide store is leak tested with optional polythene bunds available for corrosive chemicals. We can provide both insulated and non-insulated pesticide storage solutions to meet a range of different storage capacities.

1.The surface is made of yellow powder coating with warning effect, which is suitable for outdoor environment.
2.The cabinet is assembled from top, bottom, side and door components. The sides and doors are made of frame and steel mesh, which play a role of ventilation on all sides. Each part can be stacked flat packaging, thereby greatly reducing transportation costs. The product assembly is convenient and firm.
3.There are supporting feet attached to the bottom for easy installation and fixing on the ground. (Installation hardware is not provided)
4.The strong magnetic door buckle ensures that the cabinet door is kept closed at all times
5.Reserve a padlock position to ensure that the hazardous chemicals placed inside are not contacted by non-related personnel.
6.If necessary, the net cabinet can be moved by a forklift, but there must be no gas cylinders in the cabinet.
7.The compressed gas cylinder network cabinet is equipped with an adjustable chain to protect the gas cylinder from being upright.

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