Plastic Drum Spill Pallets ramp

Polyethylene Spill Pallet for Industrial Storage
Polyethylene Spill Containment Pallet Heightened version (4 Drum)

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SPR-FD Pallet ramp


Modified LLDPE new material

Size(W x D x H)

120x80x30cm(47” x 31” x 12”)


22kg/48 lbs


100% Poly Spill Pallet
Bright, safety yellow spill pallets get drums off the floor. 
These affordable poly spill pallets are offered in both 2-and 4-drum models. The two-drum model offers a load bearing capacity of 3,000 lbs. Our 4-drum model offers a load bearing capacity of 6,000 lbs.
• Complies with government containment regulations
• Capacity up to 66 gallons of containment
• 2-drum and 4-drum spill pallets

GALFDan Drum Spill Pallet , using rotational molding process, one molding. This pallet has the characteristics of sturdy structure, forklift operation, non-slip, and suitability. When leakage or spillage occurs during dispensing, all the leaked liquid will automatically flow into the tray or the platform along the tray or the platform grid. In the leakage area of the platform (leakage storage tank), it will not flow to the ground, corridors or passages, polluting the on-site environment, causing occupational accidents such as wrestling and falling, and also preventing soil and water pollution. There is no need to worry about accidental splashing and leakage that may occur during the packaging or storage of hazardous chemicals.

It complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EPA 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC specifications, and the US National Pollution Elimination and Discharge System (NPDES), and has passed the European Union CE certification.
Facilitate transportation and reduce logistics cost.
Flexible in operation, suitable for mechanical forklifts and hydraulic trucks.

Item # Description Size (LxWxH) Sump Cap. Load Cap. Pkg Wt
2DR-SFP 2 drum pallet 130x68x30cm(51.2” x 26.8” x 11.8”) 130L/34.4Gal 1500kg/3300lbs 19kg/41.8 lbs
4DR-SFP 4 drum pallet 130x130x30cm(51.2” x 51.2” x 11.8”) 250L/66Gal 3000kg/6600 lbs 34kg/74.8 lbs
1DR-SFD 1 drum deck 68x68x15cm(26.8” x 26.8” x 5.9”) 42L/11.1Gal 700kg/1540 lbs 5.2kg/11.5 lbs
2DR-SFD 2 drum deck 130x68x15cm(51.2” x 26.8” x 5.9”) 82L/21.7Gal 1500kg/3300 lbs 15kg/33 lbs
4DR-SFD 4 drum deck 130x130x15cm(51.2” x 51.2” x 5.9”) 165L/44Gal 3000kg/6600 lbs 29kg/63.8 lbs
SPR-FD Pallet ramp 120x80x30cm(47” x 31” x 12”) – 300kg/600 lbs 22kg/48 lbs
2DR-SFPH Orange pallet Galvanized steel grate 132x66x43cm( 52” x 26” x 17”) 260L/69Gal 1136kg/2500 lbs 36kg/79 lbs
4DR-SFPH Orange pallet Galvanized steel grate 132x132x43cm( 52” x 52” x 17”) 488L/129 Gal 2273kg/5000 lbs 70kg/154 lbs
IBC1157GF IBC Pallet – No Drain 138X138X90 cm(54” x 54” x 35”) 1300L/344 Gal 1800kg/3600 lbs 71kg/156lbs

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