Red and Yellow Biohazard Bags

High-Density Polyethylene, Biohazard Disposal Bags
Withstand Autoclaving up to 130 degrees.

Suitable for clinics, hospitals, research institutions,
tattoo shops, veterinary, pathology rooms, Lab, and other healthcare establishment.

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Red, Yellow

Size(W x D x H)

85*120cm, 91*152cm, customized

Wall thickness



When spills happen you need to act fast to prevent damage to your home, work premises, the environment and your reputation. The spillage control range includes a great variety of categories for you to choose from, depending on your requirements. It offers everything you need to protect yourself, to soak up anything that spills. So don’t worry if you spill something, get an immediate help to absorb or control spills, leaks and floods in emergency situations.

Even as they are completely saturated with liquid, they retain their shape. They come in bright yellow to indicate a dangerous chemical spill – letting everyone in the workforce exercise caution near the spill.

Medical waste, as the name implies, is the waste generated by healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, blood banks, and clinical laboratories. This waste is contaminated by blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious materials. Discarded needles, syringes, human tissues, blood, bodily fluids, and hospital radioactive waste are all classified as medical waste.

Contaminated medical waste can pose severe threat to human lives and to the environment. Red and Yellow Biohazard Bags are required to contain and segregate all medical waste.

Material: HDPE

Autoclavable single-use waste bags made of extremely strong polyethylene film with a wide bottom seam for disposing of contaminated material.

White indication area shows that autoclaving has been carried out by dark colouration
With BIOHAZARD symbol and safety information in German, English and French
Marking for maximum fill, except 110 l bags
Autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 mins
The bag must not be fully closed for autoclaving

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