spill containment berm foam holder small one for lab

Portable, Bracket, Specialty & No Assembly Oil Spill Containment Berm
These spill berms require no assembly. Unpack and lay out. The rapid rise walls automatically raise when filled with liquid, quickly lock into place by hand, or, instantly spring upright after compression. Heavy duty fabric for water, hydrocarbons and most chemicals. Custom sizes available.

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Modified PVC coated fabric



litre Capacity


Size(W x D x H)

4' x 8' x 12"




Ergonomic design provides 100% inside berm accessibility with an unobstructed side-to-side floor space for vehicle tires, foot traffic, and cleaning. The patented Rigid-Lock wall-support design protects personnel against trips and falls when walking along the outside perimeter. Built-in stainless steel wall supports lock the sidewalls in a 12-in (305-mm) high, 90° vertical position.

The built-in Rigid-Lock wall supports maximize usable space inside the berm and greatly reduce any tripping hazard on the berm perimeter. The device only folds down one way, inward towards the inside of the berm. The one-piece design folds down flat and remains integral to the sidewall. Supports resist extreme temperatures (-50F to 160F). When in the down position, they can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg) at each tire. Additionally, Rigid-Lock supports will perform at full rim containment height—meaning the berm is entirely full—without bend or buckles. In case of damage, for example a user drives out of the berm without lowering the wall to the proper exit position, the stainless steel supports are replaceable.

·Safe, drive-in spill containment for drums, IBC totes, and tanks
·Single-piece construction – patented Rigid-Lock wall-support system integral to berm
provides unobstructed work space
·Quick and easy setup – no assembly required
·Durable Modified PVC Coated Fabric withstands long-term UV exposure – great for outdoor use
·Helps comply with EPA SPCC regulations

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